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Product No# 6000:    Retail Price $26.00    Our Price $5.99

Category: Book - Infant

Tomorrow's Baby - The art and science of parenting from conception through infancy. By Thomas R. Verny, M.D.,


Product  No# 6001: Retail Price $23.95    Our Price $5.99

Category: Book - Parenthood

Practical Parenting - Offering unique views on topics such as prenatal planning, newborn-baby care, the differences between boys and girls, child discipline, building self-esteem, sex and drug education, the importance of schooling. By Montel Williams, Jeffrey Gard'ere, PH.D.


Product No#6002: Retail Price $27.50    Our Price $5.99

Category: Book -Adoption

Parents At Last - Celebrating adoption and the new pathways to Parenthood. - By Cynthia V. N. Peck and Wendy Wilkinson.


  Our Featured Media Product: VHS Tapes

Product No#6003:    Our Price $4.99

Category: VHS - Infant

Happy Healthy Babies: & Moms The first 90 days! - Family Experiences Productions, Inc.

Approx. Run Time: 58 Minutes


Product No#6004:     Our Price $4.99

Category: VHS -  Pre-natal - Exercise

The Method - Baby & Mom Pre Natal Yoga - Simple & Effective Exercises For Expectant Moms.

Approx. Run Time:  60 Minutes

Product No#6005:     Our Price $4.99

Category: VHS -  Pre-natal - Exercise

Pre-Natal Workout - Quickfix Where less is more. 3 - 10 Minute Workouts.

Approx. Run Time:  35 Minutes



  Our Featured Media Product: DVD's

Product No#6006:    Our Price $5.99

Category: DVD - Parenthood

Hey, WHAT ABOUT ME? - A video guide for Brothers & Sisters of New Babies. Ages 2-7. By Peter Pan Growing Up Well.


Product No#6006:    Our Price $5.99

Category: DVD - Parenthood

Baby & Mom Care Kit - A New Video Guide for Expecting Mothers and Babies. - Baby Time Series.

Approx. Run Time: 113 Minutes - 2 DVD Sets

2 DVD SET - Includes both English and Spanish translations.


  Our Featured Media Product: Audio  Cassettes

Product No#6007:   Retail Price $26.99  Our Price $5.99

Category: Cassettes - Parenthood

First- Time Mom -Getting Off on the Right Foot-From Birth to First Grade. - By Dr. Kevin Leman.

Approx. Run Time: 420 Minutes - 5 Cassettes


  Our Featured Media Product: Audio CD -Software


Product No#6008:   Our Price $4.99

Category: Software /Audio CD - Parenthood

Cooking With Kids - 200 Printable Recipes to Cook with and for Children! Features over 20 minutes of related audios. Win XP, 2000, 98 & 95 compatible.

Approx. Run Time: 20 Minutes - 1 CD


  Our Featured Media Product: Music  Cassettes

Product No#6009:  Our Price  $4.99

Category: Music Cassettes - Lullabies

Redbook Relaxers - Featuring Church Of Trees - Liz Story, A Child's Eyes (Jenny's Song) - Scott Cossu Bensusan - Michael Hedges and many more.

Product No#6010:  Our Price $4.99

Category: Music Cassettes - Lullabies

Baby Time Series - Sleep Time - Over one hour of music. A collection of continuous original music arranged to stimulate, comfort and soothe combined with the sounds of nature.






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