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We are offering VHS, DVDs, CDís, Audio Books, and Books at Great Prices.  
All items are New and Original. VHS, DVDís, CDís, and Audio Books are factory sealed. 
Great Titles! VHS & DVDís Movies: In category of People with Disabilities, Healthy Living,                                   
Religion, Child Care, Documentary, Inspirational, Self- Help, and Politics.
Some items retail value high as $45.00. Great for gift giving to seniors and people with disabilities.


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Healthy Living Categories:                              Inspirational Categories:                                                                         People With Disabilities Categories:

Weight loss                                                               Religion                                                                                                                 Autobiography            

Healthy Cooking                                                      Spirituality                                                                                                            Fiction Movie

Exercise                                                                     Relationships                                                                                                  We have audio tapes!

Yoga                                                                           Biography

Naturopathy                                                              Psychic

Qi Gong                                                                      Coping With Loss

Health & Fitness                                                      Evangelist Ministries 

Cancer Survivors


Politics Categories:                                        Self-Help Categories:                                                            Child Care Categories

Autobiography                                                           Graduates                                                                                                    Infants

Biography                                                                   Business                                                                                                      Parenthood 

Photography/Sociology                                           Safety/Security                                                                                          Adoption

General/Suspense                                                    Enneagram                                                                                                   Pre-Natal


Non-Fiction Categories                                          Fiction

Documentary                                                           Sci-FiTranquility Music
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Autobiography                                                        Novel  

Biography                                                                Young Readers                                         

Entertainment                                                        Fantasy





Tranquility Music
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All of our Media Products are NEW, and Original. 
DVDs, VHS, Audio Tapes & CD's, and Cassettes are Factory Sealed in Shrink Wrap.  
Great profit on resale, gift giving or just to stock your non-profit center. Email Us with your selection 
and we will send a PayPal button to your email address. Buyer pays shipping & handing. 
We will ship at U.S. Postal Media Rate unless other wise instructed.
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Check out Handi Capable TV

Handi Capable TV is a innovative show where people with disabilities can showcase their talents by transcending their physical difficulties in such exceptional manners as excelling in sports, therapeutic recreations and many other areas of life. We will also show conferences that focus of people with disabilities along with their issues or concerns.
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