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We prefer PayPal as a method of payment.
We ship at media rate in the USA unless otherwise instructed. Minimum purchase $14.97.

Our email address: Handicapable2005@aol.com

Contact Staff Member: Nora Harris, Marketing Manager

If you have any questions regarding services or purchases.


Important Notice For Purchasing Media Products: Audio Books, Books, Cassettes, CDs, DVDís Software, and Video Tapes.

Please Note: Due to the nature, views, and opinions expressed in informational products such as books, videotapes,

audio books, cassettes, DVD's and CD's, etc. such as these are non-returnable. We do not verify the quality and validity of the 

information  contained in these products. Therefore, we do not guarantee any and all claims, conclusions, content, opinions, and 

information  contained in these types of products. Handicapablemedia.org  is not affiliated with the authors, publishing 

companies, advertisers, infomercials, etc. related in the promotion of any informational  product(s). If you should continue placing 

an order with us, our return policy overrides any and all other policies advertised elsewhere. All sales are final, no exceptions! 

If you do not agree with this policy, please do not continue placing an order.  Thank you.


          See shipping for further information on having your item (s) shipped right to your doorstep.


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